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"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching." is a very refreshing attitude to hear from our National Commander, Denise Rohan.

There is much training to take on a number of topics in our Legion. I will focus on the training of our new Legionnaires, Provide some basic information on job descriptions of post leaders, cover some administrative issues, touch on finance, covers some important topics on membership and cover some post organizational issues.

It is not my intention to cover all these topics in depth. The information I present will give new members a start in the right direction and hopefully givee them a desire to receive more training as their involvement in their post grows over time.


Legionnaire Training

The American Legion is comprised of war time veterans of the United States Military. Every veteran receives training from the moment they enter basic training and training remains a frequent activity until they seperate from service. Quality training is very important to the long-term success of The American Legion.

The video "This is The American Legion" provides an overview of The American Legion that is appropriate for new Legionnaires that wear the blue Legion caps.


"This is The American Legion"

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919. Nearly a century later we still uphold our original mission to serve our fellow veterans, their families and our communities. This video will help you learn more about how The American Legion continues to serve.

"Blue Cappers"

"Blue Cappers" explained.

Within The American Legion you often hear reference to the term "Blue Cappers" used. This short video by Past National Commander, Charles Schmidt provides a very clear explanation of what a "Blue Capper" and their importance to the success of The American Legion.

The blue cap, The American Legion uniform cap, worn by post Legionnaires and the blue cap with the white crown worn by Legionnaires serving at the district level make up the ranks of our "Blue Cappers." These Legionnaires are the grass roots of our Legion or as Past National Commander, Charles Schmidt states in the video "It's the blue capper that makes the post successful."

Although the blue cap is important, it is what is below the cap that really counts!

Basic Training


“Basic Training” is a five-part lesson housed on The American Legion Education Institute site at www.legion.org/training. The module updates and refreshes the former online training program, makes it free of charge for members of The American Legion Family and has been developed for mobile phones, electronic tablets and desktop computers.

"We are not asking that every Legionnaire be a full-fledged scholar and graduate-level historian. But we are hoping they learn the basics. And “American Legion Basic Training” is a great way to start.", Past National
Commander, Charles Schmidt


Job Descriptions

Post Commander

First Vice

Second Vice

Executive Committee


CPR requires many post members to complete

Post Adjutant -see Post Adjutant page




The Finance Officer’s responsibility includes:

Membership Committee Training