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Skills of Leadership

Leadership - Administration

The administrative duties of a post do not reside soley with the post adjutant, there are many others who have administrative responsibilities.

CPR, Membership Committee, etc.

Access and use of mylegion.org features.

Administrative compliance, legal reporting responsibilities.


Post Adjutant:

Post Adjutant Shield
An adjutant in The American Legion whether at the post, district or area level fills a very important leadership role. The responsibilities of a post adjutant are so important, it is one of only three required post officers (Commander, Finance Officer & Adjutant) on the annual Certification of Post Officers.

A Post Adjutant's Job is described this way in the Adjutant's Manual,

"The adjutant has the same position in the post as the secretary of any other organized body, and a bit more. The adjutant is like the first sergeant of the company, around whom all post activities revolve. Many posts find it wise to retain a good adjutant in office over a period of years. Likewise, a good post will recognize when it is time to change adjutants. "

Dues Data:

The Post Adjutant is responsible for many aspects of processing member's dues payments. As a result they are often asked questions about dues and how they are allocated. To make sure we all understand, an important dues issue, The American Legion has a financial year that runs from July 1 to June 30. However the membership year runs from January 1 to December 30. If a member has not paid their membership dues by December 30, they become delinguent.

Your members may ask from time to time ask how their dues are used. This information may be helpful in answering such questions. For each member in a post their annual dues payment is allocated this way.

A significant portion of the membership dues each member pays, is an annual per capita tax of $33.50. This is how the per capita tax is allocated:

The remainder of the funds from a members annual dues, belongs to the post.
( i.e. post dues of $45 = $11, $40 = $6.50, $35 = $1.50 )


Administrative Compliance


Legion Required Reports

Governmental Reports


The post adjutant is often responsible for maintaining compliance with Legion and governmental reporting requirements, thus keeping the post charter and non-profit status in tact. The adjutant is usually the one officer that is knowledgeable about nearly everything that goes on at the post. Since many adjutants serve for multiple years they help provide continuity in post operations as other elected leaders change from year to year. Adjutants gather and disseminate information within the post and play a critical role in keeping membership growth moving forward.

Post Adjutant ManualAdjutants serving at the post, district or area level have far reaching responsibilities that are vitally important to the long term success of The American Legion.

Much of what an adjutant needs to know can be found in the: