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Skills of Leadership

The "Be" of Leadership

In our Legion do leaders, lead, manage or both?

Is what a Legion leader does as a post leader and district leader, management, leadership or both? Most would agree Legion leaders use a combination of both. How are the two defined? Others may have a different description, but I was taught you lead people and manage things.

Legion Elections




Legion Leader Elections

The impact of the "BE" of leadership is found in our election of leaders.



The article "Legion Leader Elections" was first published as a District 16 "Post Best Practice" in March of last year and was then published in Legion Training Newsletter by The American Legion. I have recently updated the article, hope you approve.


Sometimes Legionnaires question, who is eligible to hold office in your post?

Traditionally, every Legionnaire that is in good standing (dues paid current), is eligible to hold office in their post or district. The annual cycle of The American Legion begins each year on July 1 and runs through the end of June the following year. The officer election cycle starts to come into view in March when nominations begin to be made for new leaders at the post. During April and May, the officer election process continues and by the end of June the annual election process is over, till the cycle begins again the following year. 

The quality of the leaders we elect significantly impacts the success of our posts. Posts that have a sizeable pool of Legionnaires with a passion to serve as leaders are blessed. Good leadership candidates have a clear vision for success in our post and give us hope, that things will get better.

Looking for Leaders

What should we look for in the Legionnaires we elect to lead our post? The most obvious is a desire to serve. Legionnaires who really want to serve as leaders, usually make better leaders than those who do not.

Here are some thoughts on the kind of things we should all look for, in Legionnaires we select as leaders:

The Legionnaires we elect to lead our posts, are important. Seek out and elect the best Legionnaires available to lead, then work hard to support them, as we work hard to serve all our veterans.

What are post leaders responsible for? In the broad view, they are responsible for the success of our post. To find a more detailed answer to the question of what leaders do, look in these document:

Post leaders are elected by the post membership or appointed by the newly elected Post Commander, per the post bylaws. The key post leadership roles are Commander, First Vice Commander, Second Vice Commander, Adjutant and Finance Officer. Good post commanders work with and through other post leaders.