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Personal: Communication


A simple conversation between members is an ideal way to exchange information with members. A conversation is both personal, yet open. Conversations with members are an effective way to make an honest and sincere effort to get to know about our members. In many ways the personal exchange of information that takes place in a converstation with members falls under the heading of just being nice humans.

Humans are social animals and we like to be recognized as individuals by other members of the post, because it helps us feel that we belong in the social setting of the post. When members feel they belong to your post, it is much easier for them to say "yes" when asked to help. Our personal communications with post members form the foundation to gaining more active members.

To help move the conversation along, a few good questions can be a big help.

Open ended questions help you get information and often start with who, what, when, where, why and how.

Closed ended questions are good for confirming information.


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