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I am Rick Pushies, a Paid Up For Life (PUFL) Member of The American Legion and the owner author of this web site. I am a Marine Corps veteran from Michigan who served during the Vietnam era. I am also the former Webmaster of District 16 and I also designed and built the Department of California web site.

Mutual Helpfulness @pushies.com is my personal web site and it represent me and my understanding of veterans issues. It uses my name in the domain, "pushies.com." Plain and simple, I offer "Mutual Helpfulness" to help my Legion Comrades, all veteran advocates and all our veterans. When we help each other, we can better serve our veterans, their families and our communities.

I expect much of the information I offer will seem familiar to our more seasoned veterans. Yet there may be some new ideas and perspectives that even the seasoned will appreciate. My hope is our newly installed leaders will find some good information here to help them get off to a good start and give them hope their challenges will be conquered.

I will be providing support on this web site, my Facebook page and the use of e-mail similar to the Post Best Practice e-mails, similar to e-mails sent out as the Webmaster for District 16.

The name of this web site "Mutual Helpfulness" comes from the last two words of the Preamble to The American Legion constitution, they are good words. To me these two words are the essence of what our American Legion Family is all about. It is what brings us together in service and has bound us, generation after generation, in devoted service to the four pillars of service of The American Legion for nearly a century.

If you have been following the District 16 web site or e-mails since 2014, you are probably familiar with my work. Now I no longer represent District 16. My single link to The American Legion is through my Post 66 in San Luis Obispo, where I serve as the post Webmaster.

Now, through the "Mutually Helpful" web site I would like to think of myself as a solo consultant, focused on helping my Legion and all veteran support groups succeed.

To give you an idea of my background and experience, I started working on the Greater Yosemite Council, Boy Scouts of America web site in 1997. I was part of a web team headed by a great Scouter from Mariposa, CA, Mike Montoya. He assigned me the "Forms" page to work on. I then proceeded to mess it up and it took me a long time to fix what I had broken. Back then I had trouble spelling HTML (a joke), which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the primary language of web sites. I continued serving as the Greater Yosemite Council Webmaster for several years after moving to the Central Coast.

Now my web development skills have improved and my understanding of graphic arts has grown. Since 2006 when I joined The American Legion my knowledge of the Legion and its operations has grown through my involvement in web site development and serving as the Post 534 adjutant. Tie this background with my writing skills and I have turned into a pretty good electronic communicator.

Since becoming involved in The American Legion I have built a few web sites for posts in District 16, the District 16 web site and the Department of California web site. My involvement with the department web site ended in late March of this year and I resigned from my duties in District 16 in early October. I now have more time to focus on developing my new web site.

The biggest impact my electronic communication has had is probably via e-mails using an on-line e-mail service that is free (under 2000 e-mails) and allows graphics to be used all without the fear of being tagged as an e-mail spammer. Since I started using this service for my district in 2014, there have been over 200 e-mail messages sent out in over 100,000 e-mails to Legionnaires. Most of these e-mails were sent to leaders throughout the Department of California, but a fair number also went to Legionnaires across the nation.

These are the skills I can put to work to help others in our Legion family. Including my continued support of District 16 family of units.

I am a member of the California American Legion Press Association (CALPA) and the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA). In 2016 I received the District 16, Otto Haase Award as the Outstanding Legionnaire in District 16. I am also a recipient of the Boy Scouts of America, Silver Beaver award from the Greater Yosemite Council in 2000.


For God and Country.


Rick Pushies
Proud Legionnaire


Post Best Practices (PBP)

While serving as the Webmaster for District 16 we published a series of "Post Best Practices" (PBP) articles to provide post leaders with information to help their post succeed. By using e-mail to distribute these articles with our members there was no cost to the district and the large majority of post and district leaders now use e-mail. No printing, paper or mailing costs, just a few free electrons were used. These articles were written for District 16 by Rick Pushies.

The Mutual Helpfulness web site will continue to publish Best Practice e-mails under the name of Best Choice. When we make the Best Choices, we end up with Best Practices.

Best Choice Articles

  1. Proofreading & New Publications

You can look over the past Post Best Practice articles below. The "Legion Leader Elections" article was published in The American Legion Training Newsletter in their very first edition on page 2, in April of 2017.

Post Best Practice Articles

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  20. 01-06-2016 - 2016_Election_Year
  21. 12-02-2015 - Membership_Web_Upgrade
  22. 11-16-2015 - Legion_Publications
  23. 11-10-2015 - Online_Membership_Renewal


For those who like the idea of a Mission Statement, this is how I see the Mission of the "Mutual Helpfulness" web site. My mission is to simply help other Legionnaires, posts, districts, areas and departments unfettered by the organizational structure of our Legion.

Or, if you prefer, I just want to help make things better.

Sixteen Tons

Since this is my personal web site, I guess I can share a little more information about me. For many years I taught leadership training in the Boy Scouts of America. Most of my time was training adult leaders. However I believe my most important and best training was done training a staff of teen age Boy Scouts to teach other Boy Scout about leadership in the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) for the Los Padres Council. I am very proud of the work we did in our NYLT courses.

Here is a short video of me singing "Sixteen Tons" during the closing campfire of the 2006 NYLT course at Camp French.

Rick Pushies signing "Sixteen Tons" at a campfire.
Thank you David Kudija for capturing this video.


To contact Rick Pushies call him at 805-925-9144 or send him an e-mail @ rick@pushies.com.

Easy, sneezy.