Dues increase:

$5 Per Year: Price of a cup of coffee

Nearly a decade has passed since The American Legion’s last national per-capita dues increase. During that span, the U.S. cost of living has climbed 13 percent. An economic downturn unseen since the Great Depression has trimmed interest income from American Legion investments by over 35 percent. And the pool of veterans eligible for American Legion membership has declined by about 20 percent.

With more than 3 million veterans of the global war on terrorism restarting civilian lives, or soon to do so, and looking to The American Legion for help, the National Executive Committee passed a resolution at the 2015 Spring Meetings in Indianapolis to recommend a $5 per-capita annual increase in national membership dues. It amounts to about 1.4 cents a day.

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Americanism or Children & Youth

In 1919, The American Legion was founded on four pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. Each of these pillars encompasses a variety of programs that benefit our nation’s veterans, its service members, their families, the youth of America and ordinary citizens. These programs make a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

The Americanism pillar and Children & Youth pillar can create confusion, especially with new Legionnaires. Often the work of the Americanism programs are confused with the programs of Children & Youths because so many young people are involved in Americanism programs.

Here is a list and links to the programs associated with Americanism and Children & Youth:


Boys State / Nation
Flag Advocacy
Flag Etiquette
Get Out the Vote
Junior Shooting Sports
Oratorical Contest
Youth Cadet Law Enforcement Program
Youth Programs Alumni

Children & Youth

Child Welfare Foundation
Family Assistance
Youth Support

In reviewing the two lists it becomes clear our Americanism programs are focused on activities and youth development. The Children & Youth programs are more focused on financial assistance for young people in need.

Such differences are important when the post completes their annual mandatory Consolidated Post Report.

by Rick Pushies

What is the official uniform of The American Legion?
According to Resolution No. 46, passed in spring 1965 by the National Executive Committee, "A Legionnaire is considered to be in uniform if wearing an official American Legion Cap."

Why is it important to wear your Legion Uniform in public? 
Wearing your Legion uniform keeps us in the public eyes (literally). Being seen in your American Legion uniform cap is a very important element of public relations and marketing.

When the general public sees Legionnaires like you and me in uniform doing the good work of the Legion as we support our veterans, their families and our community, it creates a positive image. When pictures of uniformed Legionnaires working at community events, like: Memorial Day, Veterans Day, "Welcome Home" events, Stand Downs, Ride-2-Recovery, helping with blood drives & food drives or Christmas events, they become powerful images that help our community "see" The American Legion in action. 

Doing the same good work without being in uniform, makes the Legion invisible to the public. If you keep a Legion membership application tucked away in your uniform cap you will always be ready to sign up a new member when they ask about our Legion.

There is no benefit to Legionnaires being invisible to the public as we do the good work of the Legion, so please expose yourself as proud members of The American Legion, wear your uniform cap.

In an effort to reach the younger post-9/11 generation, The American Legion is working with We Are The Mighty (WATM), the first media and lifestyle brand for, by, and about the military community. From this relationship comes Our Post, a digital series sharing the unexpected stories and encounters from various American Legion posts across the United States. “We think these stories will resonate with young veterans and get them interested in wanting to know more about The Legion and wanting to be part of its future,” said Helm.

- See more at: http://www.legion.org/pressrelease/227137/made-hollywood-veterans#sthash.1qwQqDJ7.dpuf