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Current Membership Report
Current Membership Report

In Flanders Fields

Actor James McEachin provides a special reading of "In Flanders Fields" at the 2017 Veterans Inaugural Ball: A Salute to Heroes.

Very nice!

Color Guard Competition

The annual The annual Department of California, Color Guard Competition will be held during Department convention in Riverside on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  It will take place inside the Riverside Convention Center, location to be announced (TBA)

Please encourage posts to participation. Please direct questions to Chuck Leonard and Jim Higuera.

Rules & Applications

The American Legion has begun a new electonic newsletter with national distribution, called the American Legion Training Newsletter. We are told this newsletter is being sent to all leaders from district commander on up, or about a thousand Legion Leaders. The Training in The American Legion newsletter is expected to be published every other month. This newsletter will focus on best practices; submissions from grassroots trainers; highlight department led training and is designed to encourage all Legionnaires to take available training. Training at all levels of The American Legion, is taking on a new level of importance. The first edition of Training in The American Legion has been published, you can view it HERE

In this first edition, our District 16's, 'Post Best Practice' e-mail on 'American Legion Leader Elections' has been published

Thank you Paul Brown for your work in helping to develop this new electronic newsletter and selecting our 'American Legion Leader Elections'  for publication! We hope to see more good things on training being developed through your good work for our Legionnaires.


(Click graphic image to watch video) 

“Who We Are” is a Member Orientation video, where we bring together a series of short videos produced by The American Legion, along with some additional information about our Legion. This training video is part of a larger orientation we support at the post level that includes mentors for new members. The member orientation class facilitated is by one of our post leaders. In addition to the video attendees receive a member survey to help member find the areas where they would prefer to help and they receive a locally produced Member Handbook.

Recent "Post Best Practices" by District 16

  1. 04/03/2017 - Graphic Resources
  2. 03/21/2017 - Legion Leader Elections
  3. 02/21/2017 - Member Orientation Video
  4. 01/05/2017 - A Communication on Communications
  5. 11/07/2016 - Smile for VA&R
  6. 10/04/2016 - Automatic Online Payment

New 2017 Digital Forms

  • Certification of Delegates (Currently not available)* - Due June 11


  •  At the 2017 Department of California Convention in June, a proposal is expected is expected to be passed that will set the due date for this report as no later than November 15. 
  • Certification of Delegates - Delegate strength is expected to be compiled by May 10. It will be emailed to you by the Department of California, when it is available.

Corporate Compliance

On November 6, 2014 at 7 p.m. District 16, Department of California hosted a seminar titled “The Corporate Compliance Calendar.” Our guest speaker was Michael D. Schley, Attorney at Law. Mr. Schley has three decades of experience in financial regulation and corporate business law. 

The notes Mr. Schley provided from "The Corporate Compliance Calendar" are well worth review by post leaders. Non-Compliance with administrative obligations can destroy a non-profit organization.

The IRS publication "Tax Guide for Veteran Organizations'" is a recommended resource from the seminar.

The large majority of The American Legion posts in California are registered as non-profit corporations. and have specific administrative responsibilities they must comply with each year. The following forms are a big part of that responsibility.

Government Forms

Please contact your accounting professional about questions your post may have about these government forms.

Graphics Resources

We have a new section of our District 16, Resource Web Site, that may interest you, if you use graphics in your newsletters, fliers, Facebook or web site.

This new section contains some basic information on using graphics, locations to find graphics online and a collection of Legion, Department, District 16 and generic images.


2017 Updates Available online

2017 updates of the Post Officer's Guide and Post Adjutant's Manual are now available on the Publications page of The American Legion web site. They are free.




The Vietnam Moving Wall is Coming to Stockton!
June 29 thru July 3, 2017 @ Weber Point Events Center
Free & Open to the Public 24 hours each day.
A unique opportunity to remember, honor and give thanks for
those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Pre-Need Planning for Post Everlasting

We will all, one day, transfer to the Post Everlasting. Prior planning on issues such as eligibility for burial in a National Cemetery would be a blessing for those we leave behind.

Pre-Need Burial Eligibility


"What To Do Before a Veteran Dies"

This American Legion's document "What To Do Before a Veteran Dies" is another good pre-planning resource.  Here is a sample of the information it contains:


"What to do before a veteran dies One of the eventualities in life that spouses and families of veterans face is the death of their loved one who served America in uniform. To help ease the burden on loved ones, veterans can make preparations in advance.

Important records

The first step is to make certain the family has easy access to important documents such as:

  • The veteran’s discharge certificate (DD form 214).
  • VA documents, if any, indicating a VA claim number.
  • A copy of all marriage certificates and divorce decrees (if any previous marriages).
  • Insurance policies, including beneficiary designation.
  • A copy of the family will (not required for VA benefits).
  • Location of safety deposit boxes (not required by VA).
  • Business address, email address, office and cell phone numbers for local American Legion service officer."

Automatic Online Pau,emt of Annual Dues

When members use the online renewal feature on The American Legion national web site, members can set their account for automatic renewal using their credit/debit card.


Automatic Online Payment

Many consider the Automatic Online Payment of Annual Membership Dues to be a “Best Practice” in the dues payment process, however the option is not widely known by most members of The American Legion. This is simply an online payment that is automatically processed each year, early in the month of July after the new Legion year begins, using the members debit/credit card. It eliminates the need to send dues renewal notices to members and eliminates the need for members to remember to pay their annual dues, the payment takes place automatically.  The automatic payment option is selected when a member pays their dues online.

This is such a good idea, we encourage our local posts to make all their members aware of the benefits of Automatic Online Payment of Annual Membership Dues. This would be a good topic for post newsletters, web sites and other communications with your post members. We have developed a simple flier to help you get the word out to your members that can be printed out and put on your post bulletin board. This may help to remind members of this important method of paying their annual membership dues. Flier

Automatic Online Dues Payment

Member Benefits

  • Dues are paid automatically every year!
  • No More Duplicate Dues Notices or Payments: 
    Online dues payments are recorded immediately. No more notices from the national office asking members to pay their dues.
  • No More Waiting for Dues to be Processed: Members no longer need to wait for their local post to process their dues payment and issue a current membership card. When a member pays their dues online the National office posts a report of their payment in MyLegion.org to notify local posts. This report authorizes a post to issue a membership card for the current year.

Post Benefits

  • No Transmittal Needed: When members pay their annual membership dues online the post does not need to submit the member's name on a transmittal form.
  • No membership dues checks to deposit. 
  • No checks need to be written: to the Department for per capita tax
  • Membership Retention:  When post members select Automatic Online Payment of their annual dues membership retention improves.
When members renew their annual membership dues online, it takes about 30-60 days for the national office to send the local post their portion of the member’s dues. The posts receive their funds from national in the same time frame as they would from members who pay their dues by check to the post in September. Most believe this is acceptable, in light of all the benefits Online Membership Renewal provides both the member and the post. 

Automatic Online Payment of Annual Membership Dues is a District 16 Post Best Practice.

To activate the Automatic Online Payment of Annual Membership Dues visit Automatic Online Membership Dues Payment
Search District 16 Web Site


April-May California Legionnaire




June 1-4, 2017

5th Annual ROMP
American Legion Riders 
Sponsored by Chapter 66
2017 ROMP Flier

Sunday, June 4, 2017: 10 a.m.

District Meeting
Post 56, Veterans Memorial Building,
501 N. Pine Street, Santa Maria

June 21-26

Department of California Convention 
Riverside, CA

Saturday, July 1

California Legionnaire Deadline
(Post Department Convention issue)

Tuesday, July 4

Post 66, Open House

Sunday, July 16
Organizational Meeting

Location to be determined.



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District Sixteen is an important part of Area 6 in the Department of California. It serves The American Legion Posts in the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura.

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