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All Legionnaires should know how they can keep their member data on file at National Headquarters up-to-date and accurate. This can be done all by themselves, by using the member only portal of This Member Data blog talks about how to do just that.

Accurate and up-to-date contact information for members is important for any well run organization. We are fortunate in The American Legion to have the online web portal where members can keep their information on file at National Headquarters and up-to-date and accurate, using the members only web portal.

My Profile in

The American Legion developed as an online web portal that allows access to records on file at National Headquarters.  There are multiple level of access to, the levels include department, district, post and member.  This blog focuses on the member level. Every post should make a point of explaining to new members how they can change their own personal records on file at National Headquarters using the member level of Members can set up their online member account 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In the “My Profile” section of the member level of, in the “Edit Profile” option, members can update the following information in their profile:

  • Branch of Service
  • War Era
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address – Having an accurate e-mail address on file is becoming more and more important for communicating with members.
  • Phone
  • Address, and
  • A copy of their current membership card can also be printed

In addition to updating their personal profile information Legionnaires can also:

  • Subscribe to certain electronic newsletters
  • View past editions of the Legion Magazine
  • Make donations in the “Giving Made Easy” option
  • Review special offers available to Legionnaires, and
  • Select dues payment options

In the Renewal Options listed, we highly recommend the automatic payment option for annual dues. Making it easy for members to keep their records up to date is important and helps with member retention.

For God and Country.

Sample Handbook

Sample Handbook – The PDF version of the Sample Member Handbook is easier to view online, but more difficult to modify than the Word version.

Sample Handbook – This Microsoft Word version of the sample Handbook  can easily be downloaded to your computer, then modified to fit the specific needs of your post. Easy Sneezy!

Handbooks are good training tools. The American Legion states, “The Officer’s Guide is intended as the principal handbook issued by National Headquarters to help American Legion officers fulfill their responsibilities.” and it is a good handbook full of important information for post officers. But what about the new Legionnaires in our posts, shouldn’t they also have a handbook to help them understand

We agreed that member handbook was a good idea and we started work on our first post member handbook in 2013. The member handbook is used in our new member orientation training as it contains a lot of information new members need to know. The handbook is a very good resource for new Legionnaires, as well as all seasoned members of our post and our Legion Family.

There are around 13,000 local posts in The American Legion and each is unique. A post member handbook would be difficult for the national office to create for each post. A sample handbook that has the basics listed and yet could be easily be adapted to the needs of an specific post would be a good option.

The handbook table of contents provides an outline of the information we have included in our handbook. Your post handbook may be one of the first documents your new members receive. It should be well written, with a clear and positive picture of your post.

The handbook begins with basic information about our Post that includes a welcome message, when post meetings are held, the Legion uniform and information on Legion language and meeting protocols. This first section ends with a statement about the importance and value of our Legionnaires.

The section on Our Post Family of units, has information about the Auxiliary, Sons and Legion Riders. The relationship of these family units to the parent post is also discussed. The terminology of “Post Subsidiaries” may be a new way of looking at the relationship between the parent post and the Sons and Riders. These subsidiaries can also be thought of as post programs or committees. The important point is that the Sons and Riders are extension of The American Legion post and not separate independent units. If your post does not have any of these groups in your post family, you can easily eliminate the information from your version of the handbook.

The Post Governance and Leadership section is the biggest and contains much information new Legionnaires should know. It may also contain some new information for many seasoned Legionnaires. The idea of a Vision of Success, is one such new idea. Most other topics should be familiar to post leaders from their previous training.

As you read the sample handbook, much of the information will be familiar to seasoned and trained Legionnaires. Some of the information may be new or at least presented in a new way of looking at things.

For God and Country.